Librarians Are Delivering Books By Bike To Low-Income Neighborhoods

Low-income neighborhoods aren’t just susceptible to be food deserts – they can also be book deserts. Underfunded and understaffed libraries as well as prohibitive distances to libraries mean that kids who live in poverty don’t always have the access to books that they should.

Librarians are a crafty and resourceful lot, though, and they’re looking to improve access to books where it’s needed most. The Seattle Public Library, for instance, has a Books On Bikes program in which librarians ride around the city with WiFi-enabled bike trailers full of books so that kids (and adults, of course) can check books out from the library and sign up for library cards on the spot.

In San Francisco, private school librarian Alicia Tapia is running Bibliocicleta, a take-a-book, leave-a-book program on wheels. Tapia funded the Bibliocicleta on Kickstarter, and now spends her time riding around the Panhandle district giving away books.

Did anyone else notice that these book bikes are riding around Seattle and San Francisco, two of the hilliest cities in America? If these librarians can rough the West Coast terrain with bike trailers full of books, the least we can do is show them our support!



[Seattle Public Library]

[Image via Bibliocicleta]

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