Hey Y’all, Paula Deen Is Going To Be On “Dancing With The Stars”

Hi! Do you watch “Dancing With The Stars”? Probably not, right? It’s kinda boring and unless you are deeply passionate about weirdly bastardized forms of professional dancing, you get your televised-dance-competition fix elsewhere. But please, I implore you, consider watching this season’s premiere on September 14, because Paula Deen, butter-soaked TV chef and not-so-casual racist, has been added to the new cast.

Deen’s been laying low since she was publicly declared a racist, dropped from the Food Network and shamed into sitting down and shutting up for a while – though she did peek her frosted-blonde head out of the woodwork to tweet this pic of her son in brownface, for a charming #tbt. Now she’s back — and hoping to dance her way back into our hearts, I guess. [E! Online]