And Now For Some Happy: Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Are Writing A Movie Together

If you choose to pluck your truths from breathlessly-reported entertainment websites, then it seems that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are the best of friends, achieving their “squad goals” and dutifully making friendship bracelets knotted on each other’s big toes. This is neither true nor false. What is true, however, is the fact that the reason they’ve been hanging out so much is because they’re writing a goddamn movie together.

In an interview with The New York Times, Jennifer Lawrence said they’ve got about 100 pages written, and in the untitled comedic film, they’ll play sisters. Sisters! This actually sounds great. Love her or hate her, Amy Schumer is hilarious. And Jennifer Lawrence deserves the chance to stop playing moody, pouty, tortured women and flex her comedy muscle. It’s in there. We see it. A woman who routinely makes light of the fact that she’s kind of a klutz and has a sense of humor that seems more grounded in fart jokes and dicks than anything else should be doing comedy, or at least giving it a shot.

We love bawdy women, so let’s cross our fingers and our toes and hope that this thing turns out all right. Godspeed, ladies.

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