Shocker: Jared Fogle’s “Jared Foundation” Was A Sham

This should come as absolutely zero surprise, but it turns out that accused child rapist and former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle’s anti-childhood obesity organization, the Jared Foundation, was a sham. USA Today reports that although Fogle stated in 2008 that the foundation would make $2 million in grants to schools and local organizations to fight childhood obesity, not one single grant was actually issued.

Rather, the foundation has spent $73,000 a year, mostly on the Jared Foundation’s executive director’s salary. That executive director, by the way, is Richard Taylor, who was arrested on child pornography charges in April 2015. Taylor’s salary accounted for 60 percent of the money spent by the foundation; another 26 percent can’t be accounted for.

Daniel Borochoff, president of Charity Watch, told USA Today that the Jared Foundation was likely just a PR move from the start: “As with a lot of celebrities, the charity appears to be more about image-enhancement than charitable deeds.”

The Indiana Secretary of State has dissolved the Jared Foundation because the organization failed to pay an annual $5 registration fee every year since 2009, but the IRS still recognizes it. The foundation’s website was taken down after last week’s raid on Fogle’s home.

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