Ouch: This Kid Punched A Hole Through A Rare 17th-Century Italian Master

Oh, owww: This video shows a 12-year-old boy at an exhibition of Italian masters in Taiwan, losing his balance at a crucial moment, tipping over, putting his hands out to brace himself, and – ow, ow, ow – punching a hole through a rare painting.

The artwork was Flowers by Paolo Porpora, it was the only painting of Porpora’s that was signed, and it was valued at $1.5 million dollars. Owww! I keep saying “ow” because I cannot imagine that kid’s embarrassment. It’s pretty clear in the video that this was a moment of 12-year-old obliviousness, and when he realizes what he’s done, he just sort of shuffles in place until an adult swoops in to get him.

The painting was insured, so his family won’t have to pay any damages, which is good, and hopefully all this will amount to for him on a psychological level is some guilt and a very, very novel story for his adulthood. I mean, I know I wouldn’t be able to trump “I punched a hole through a rare 17th-century Italian master” at a party.


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