One Direction Says It’s Just A Hiatus, But NSYNC Fans Know How This Goes

The guys from One Direction are saying that their hiatus is just temporary! It’s just a year off! It’s cool! Don’t worry, guys! Yeah, right. The only 1D member who hasn’t tried to reassure the public that no, really, it’s just a temporary hiatus, is Harry Styles. And you know what that means: Styles is pulling a Timberlake.

Remember in 2002, when NSYNC took a “temporary hiatus” and Justin Timberlake said he was just releasing his album Justified as, basically, an experiment? If you don’t remember, you’re probably like 15 or younger. Here’s a refresher, from a 2002 New York Post interview with Timberlake:

“Women are great,” he said. “You want to know who I’m seeing?’ “
“You really want to know?” he teased.
“Go ahead.”
“Her name is ‘Justified.’”


Anyway, two years later, Timberlake wised up and realized that JC Chasez isn’t a good wingman, quitting NSYNC entirely and going on to be Jimmy Fallon’s best friend. If anyone doesn’t think that this is precisely Harry Styles’s plan, they are being very, very optimistic, indeed.

But OK, 1D, you’re not breaking up. Liam, Niall, Louis: I suggest you start looking into better career options than “astronaut” (I’ll note that “gay icon” worked out better for Lance).

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