Hey, Tyga: Kylie May Be Legal Now, But Your Song “Stimulated” Is Still Gross (And Also Not That Good)

Tyga bought Kylie Jenner a Ferrari for her 18th birthday, to celebrate the fact that their relationship is no longer illegal. Tyga also felt it prudent to pen a song about their relationship and share it with Kylie and also the world. It’s called “Stimulated” and it’s disgusting! It includes the line “They say she young, I should’ve waited / She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated,” to which I say, YES, Tyga, you should have waited. Also, this song should not have seen the light of day. Why didn’t you release this via Snapchat sent only to Kylie? It’s klearly for Kylie’s ears only! It’s also horrific to imply that one of the main reasons you’re “stimulated” is because she’s young. Tyga, please.

As a regular song — like a song about fucking, I mean — it’s fine, a passable entry in the genre. It does not touch the creativity or gleeful perviness of, say, Trillville’s “Some Cut,” which is a song that features the squeaking of bed springs — a bed that presumably has people fucking on it, FYI — in the beat. Tyga, a request: stop writing songs about Kylie Jenner. Please. And, if you’re going to do this shit, do it well. And keep it to your goddamn self.