Dre’s Ex-Fianceé Miche’le On His Apology: “Treat Us Like We Have Names”

Dre finally apologized to journalist Dee Barnes and his ex-fianceé Miche’le in a statement issued to the New York Times, stating that “I apologize to the women I’ve hurt. I deeply regret what I did and know that it has forever impacted all of our lives.” Dee Barnes accepted his apology in an essay on Gawker, but Miche’le is less forgiving. Speaking on BBC Radio 5Live, she said:

I didn’t ask for a public apology and I think if he is going to apologise he should do it individually. To just group us like we are nothing and nobody – I just don’t think it’s sincere. Treat us like we have names. He’s selling a movie. I just think it’s good PR at the moment.

She’s got a pretty good point, there. [The Guardian]

Here’s a twisty piece of tepid pop-musician beef jerky: Avril Lavigne is calling Taylor Swift out on Twitter for comparing her meet and greets to Taylor’s meet and greets, saying that Taylor’s are more authentic and “real” because she looooooooveeesssss her fans. Sure. Defnitely. What? This is a spat built of Post-Its, strawberry Bazooka Joe bubble gum and a close-read of Taylor Swift’s tumblr likes. I guess that works? [Dlisted]

Finally, a guide to pregnancy from a real, human woman and not a cyborg who’s programmed to take glowing belly-in-progress shots and post them on Instagram. [Broadly]

Catelynn and Tyler, the only couple that really seemed to actually care about each other on the original — and superior — Teen Mom, finally got married, after what seems like a million years. Congrats, you crazy kids, and I’m very sorry that you both have MTV-branded Instagram handles. [Us Weekly]

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Hey, remember that time Jimmy Fallon “tripped and fell and hurt his hand on his coffee table”, resulting in ring avulsion? Radar tried to FOIA the NYPD to get the 911 call log and information, and their request was shut down by the NYPD, citing an “invasion of privacy.” Hmmmmmmmm. We send our best wishes to Fallon, who is also recovering from a horrible tooth-chipping injury: “Chipped front tooth trying to open tube of scar tissue repair gel for recovering finger injury”, he says. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. [Radar]

Selena Gomez has no regrets about dating the Biebz, but the one thing that helped her out through the whole breakup was Taylor Motherfucking Swift. [Refinery29]