Well That’s Interesting: Joe Biden Met With Elizabeth Warren, Possibly About 2016 Run

Oh good, the Democratic primary might not continue looking like a Model UN meeting in comparison to the GOP’s circus: Joe Biden met with Elizabeth Warren this weekend at his Naval Observatory home, fueling speculation that Biden is going to make a run for the presidency in 2016.

Liberal voters who are unsatisfied with the competition between a leftist Bernie Sanders and moderate Hillary Clinton have been asking both Warren and Biden to run in next year’s election. No one knows what this meeting means, but if Biden could secure an endorsement from Warren (or, as in many Democrats’ wettest dreams, run with Warren), it would go a long way to shoot Biden to the forefront of the race.

You can check out Biden’s policy statements and voting record for yourself, but Warren’s economic prowess behind his run to legitimize himself in a race with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, both of whom have really hammered on the topic of income equality.

We’ll see what it all means! Hopefully the first thing that’ll happen if Biden runs is that I’ll stop getting these freakin’ e-mails from Draft Biden that never go away, no matter how many times I unsubscribe.


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