Serena Williams & Drake Are Maybe Dating, At The Very Minimum, Making Out

First, Drake grew a beard. Then, Drake got swole. Next, he ethered Meek Mill in a pointless beef. All of this was clearly preparation for his finest act to date, which is finally almost maybe dating — at the very minimum, neck-kissing — Serena Williams over a plate of spaghetti at some Italian restaurant in Cincinnati, according to TMZ:

It seems Serena was in town to slay and conquer the WTA, and she and Drake wanted to celebrate with some carbs and tongue-kissing. This is great news. This is actually wonderful news. They are a power couple we can get behind. Aubrey, a word: Don’t fuck with Serena’s game. The U.S Open is just around the corner. You kids do what you need to do, but don’t mess her shit up, you hear? [TMZ]