Sam Rader Kicked Out Of Vlogger Fair For Threatening Another Vlogger

Sam Rader, half of the Sam and Nia Perpetual Media Attention Machine, got kicked out of Vlogger Fair this weekend for threatening another vlogger.

If you don’t know what the hell this all is, Sam and Nia Rader recently became famous with a video of Sam “surprising” Nia with a pregnancy test and then another, three days later, of the couple announcing their miscarriage, in what many critics think is a hoax. Last week, it was revealed that the gay-hating Rader was also a member of extramarital affair dating site Ashley Madison. (Also, congratulations, and I would like to move out into the middle of the woods with you.)

By Rader’s account, the other vlogger had started the altercation. He told Gawker:

“It was one person, and I didn’t make a threat. What happened was there was a couple of fellow vloggers who had ridiculed our family on Twitter regarding the method we were mourning the loss, our miscarriage on Twitter[…] If I made a threat, it was to the one person, and it was, ‘You need to watch out before he messes with my family.’”

Rader claims the other vlogger “got in my face” and “put his chest up against mine.” Rader was asked to leave, but he doesn’t know what happened with the other vlogger.

I tried so hard not to report on the Raders, and yet, here I am, sucked into the Sam and Nia vortex, reporting on the Raders. Does anyone else just feel bad for their kids?


[Image via YouTube]

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