Boobs Take The Day In NYC And Chicago Protests This Weekend

It was a good weekend for not wearing a shirt! Chicago’s SlutWalk and New York’s Go Topless Day took place on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, with protesters advocating against rape culture and for gender equality.

The Go Topless Day march took place because of its proximity to Women’s Equality Day. It’s legal to be bare-chested in public in New York, but Mayor Bill DeBlasio has called body-painted and topless women who take pictures with tourists “a nuisance” – with no such designation for topless men, of course.

In Chicago, you actually can’t go totally topless – female nipples can’t be displayed in public, although male nipples are more than welcome here in the Windy City. Nonetheless, about 200 SlutWalk protesters made it out and took Michigan Avenue, some with boobs out and nipples covered, to protest the idea that female “sluttiness” is what makes men rape women. It’s a particularly timely event, after a recent series of sexual assaults on the campus of DePaul University.

Meanwhile, if you want to let your breasts fly free in L.A., Amber Rose is organizing a SlutWalk for October 3rd.


[Images via Twitter]

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