Florida Approves Alcohol Serving Restaurant/Shooting Range Combo Near Busy Highway Because Florida

Daytona Beach city commissioners have just a-ok’d resident Ron Perkinson’s proposed $7 million combo shooting range and adjacent restaurant project to be opened in November. The facility will be located near Daytona International Speedway just off Interstate 95.


Perkinson wants to stress that the restaurant will be “on the scale of an Outback (steakhouse).” What does that even mean?!

Oh and DON’T WORRY, he also has a 10 year old daughter so he wants us all to know that safety for him is the #1 concern!!!

Personally, I have always wanted a gun/booze multiplex near Daytona Interstate 95 so I can get hammered and then shoot mindlessly out of the window of my truck while I speed towards oblivion.

We live in a great country.