Sam Of ‘Sam And Nia’ Says He Is Totally Forgiven By God For Ashley Madison Account

Oh good! God himself came down and forgave “broken Christian” Sam Rader for setting up an Ashley Madison account. Also, you guys, don’t worry because he did all this stuff way before they were ever famous on Youtube! Ok, that makes it better (???)

After learning yesterday that Sam had set up an account (though he insists he never met with any women IRL), the annoying pregnancy-then-miscarriage vloggers made this vid to show how that sinful stuff is all in the past and that we are all broken people who need God to come save us.

Nia, his supportive and Anna Duggar-like wife here, tells us that we should all “Fight for your marriages, because they are the real deal!” Yeah, just like all your creepy as hell pee-stealing pregnancy announcing weirdness? Please put me down if i ever have a marriage like theirs.