OH HEY: Looks Like Sam Of “Sam and Nia” Was ALSO On The Ashley Madison List

Hey! Remember that Christian Vlogger couple from earlier this month–the one where the awful dude tested his wife’s toilet pee and then “surprised her” with her own pregnancy, even though that’s not really a scientific way to do things and also the whole thing looked super fake? And then she had a miscarriage, and then we all found out that they’re like, super Christians who really, really dislike gay people and also probably liars?

Well, uh. Um…

It looks like that dude, Sam Rader, was on Ashley Madison looking for some strange.

The Daily Mail is reporting this as an “exclusive,” but it’s not. We heard about it this morning and Amelia and I decided that even though they’re homophobes, that we didn’t want to be the ones to bring this to light by publishing it — at least not first. Because they’re not activists like Josh Duggar was. We felt a little squicky about it, honestly. However, it’s out now, and here we are!

Records show that Sam, using the email address [email protected] (a domain name that he registered in 2011 and later abandoned), made two payments of $189 to the site.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 3.53.30 PM

I don’t know. As much as these people give me the creeps–starting with calling themselves the “Good Looking Parents” and moving on to the video they once made trying to teach their daughter about why gay people are bad–I’m having trouble mustering up quite as much schadenfreude over this as with the Duggar one.

I still think it’s bullshit that people go around talking about “traditional marriage” when they’re not practicing it themselves. I feel strongly about calling people out for this, because what they do is legitimately damaging to other people. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to people to mind their own business about what other people do with their romantic lives when they’re not living up to their own “standards” to begin with.

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