Illinois Gov. Rauner Bans Conversion Therapy In The State

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law yesterday banning the practice of gay “conversion therapy” in the state.

The practice aims to “cure” gays into straightness, operating under the assumption that homosexuality is a deviation from a heterosexuality that is normal or natural for human beings. This isn’t historically or scientifically true, of course – research is showing that our sexuality might be embedded in our genes. Conversion therapy has been shown to be traumatizing for young people, especially. The American Psychological Association has resolved that conversion therapy doesn’t work, and President Obama released a statement in April supporting bans on conversion therapy.

The Illinois bill is aimed specifically at conversion therapy for people under the age of 18. Rauner’s office hasn’t offered comment, but Samantha Ames from the National Center for Lesbian Rights said that Illinois families can now know that the providers they turn to won’t profit off of their children’s pain, and “Most importantly, Illinois kids can now rest easy in the knowledge that they cannot be forced or coerced to undergo dangerous and discredited treatments to fix who they are.”






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