I Want To Go To There: Dismaland

Whoa, all of a sudden I’m not bored with Banksy anymore: The well-hyped street artist has created a huge public installation called Dismaland, a theme park occupying an abandoned seaside resort in Weston-Super-Mare in the UK.

It’s a riff on Disneyland, obviously, and is as sort of gruesome and gloomy as the name suggests, featuring artworks like a golden carriage crash site with a presumably-dead Cinderella, surrounded by figures of paparazzi with flashing, strobing cameras (I mean, yeesh); a giant pinwheel threaded with plastic garbage; and what looks to be a sculpture of refugee children on a boat ride. It looks tremendously affecting, throwing the consumer culture and escapism that Disney propagates back on itself.

Probably the best thing about it is that it’s definitely Banksy’s project, and it definitely has the anti-consumerist Banksy ethos, but it’s not just Banksy artwork – he commissioned works from 50 artists from around the world to fill the park. There will also be film screenings and concerts, including shows from Massive Attack and Pussy Riot.

Anyone have $973? Apparently that’s what it’d take to get me to London by the time the exhibit closes on September 27.


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