Here’s The Trailer For “Amazing Grace,” Sydney Pollack’s Lost Documentary

In 1972, Aretha Franklin performed a show at a church in Los Angeles, running through a set of gospel classics. The resulting show was made into an album called Amazing Grace, which is her best-selling album to date. Director Sydney Pollack filmed the entire concert, but his footage never saw the light of day, which is a real shame. Now, 40 years after the fact, Pollack’s footage is being presented as a documentary, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival and getting a commercial release later this year, according to Slate.

The footage in the trailer is fantastic, and it’s a real treat to watch a young Aretha do what she does best — sing the shit out of any song presented to her. Also enjoyable is the shot of her walking down the aisle of an empty church, resplendent in fur. The album itself is wonderful, whether you’re a religious person or not. Go give that a listen (it’s on Spotify, nerds) in giddy anticipation of this film’s release. [Slate]