Ever Thought You’d See A “Halloween”-Themed Proposal?

Today in kitschy marriage proposals I would never, ever want: Kelly Canipe is a huge horror fan. So much so that she runs the podcast Boys & Ghouls, and, apparently, owns a near-exact replica of the costume Jamie Lee Curtis wore as Laurie Strode in “Halloween” that she just whips out if she gets the urge to visit the Pasadena street on which the legendary slasher was filmed. That, by the way, is not me doubting the veracity of this video – that’s me saying that fandom people are fantastic, and that I love the fact that they wear their costumes out just for fun sometimes.

Anyway, knowing all of this, her boyfriend Alec decided that the only good way to propose to his beloved would be to get a mechanic’s suit and a Michael Myers mask and not just surprise but outright scare her with a proposal. And even though it’s a kitschy proposal that I would never, ever want for myself, that is a dang good proposal for a horror fanatic.

By the way, fun fact about “Halloween”: The original Michael Myers mask was actually a William Shatner mask that the crew tousled and painted white. So all these years, you’ve really been afraid of William Shatner.


Congrats to the happy couple!



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