Behold, Your New Obsession: The Music Videos Of Naomi Elizabeth

Happy Friday Frisky readers! To celebrate the end of the week – and the fact that I will soon get to go two whole days without so much as even briefly thinking about Josh Duggar or Jared Fogle or Donald Trump or anyone else terrible – I would like to share my latest obsession with all of you! The music videos of one Naomi Elizabeth, which I have been watching obsessively on YouTube all week. I cannot tear myself away.

Let’s just dive right in, okay? Because this video was my introduction to the amazingness that is Naomi Elizabeth, I figure it’s a good place to start! Also, this is really not something I can so much describe, as something you really just need to see for yourself.

The dancing! The armor! The fact that I honestly can’t tell if this is the worst thing I’ve ever heard or the actual best! It has everything!

From what I can tell, Naomi Elizabeth has been posting these music videos on YouTube on three different personal channels since at least 2008, with the most recent one “They Call Me White Chocolate” having been posted three days ago. She is quite prolific!

THERE ARE SO MANY JAMS. This one, “The Topic Is Ass” is very quickly becoming a favorite. “We’re here to talk about ass. Don’t change the subject, my friend,” indeed.

According to her Twitter (which is ALSO quite a treat), Naomi Elizabeth is also working on a video game of some kind.

I understand pretty much none of this, but I am nonetheless extremely enthusiastic about all of it. Especially the dancing. Naomi Elizabeth is the hero we all want and need in our lives.

[h/t Brodie Reed]

[GIF: Jarred Endres]