Warner Bros. Is Adapting Dante’s Inferno As A Love Story

So Dante’s Inferno is being made into a movie, but it sounds weirdly lame: Warner Bros. bought the script based on its love story, and according to Deadline, the studio is “excited by its scale and franchise potential.”

Everyone who’s read The Divine Comedy probably has their fingers crossed that this means that they’re making Inferno into three movies rather than attempting to adapt Purgatorio and Paradiso as well, because yawn. From an architectural standpoint alone, I would be interested in seeing Mount Purgatory, but if the Christians are right I’ll probably get to see it in like 60 or 70 years anyway.

But forget the love story: Will there be whip-wielding demons? Will centaurs be shooting people with arrows? Will there be wallowing in excrement and burning tar? Will people be dismembered and then put back together and then dismembered again? Will Guillermo del Toro be directing? If no, count me out.


[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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