There’s A Video Game That Makes Your Boobs Bigger As You Defeat Enemies

There’s a new video game coming out in Japan from D3 Publisher in which defeating enemies increases the protagonist’s breast size. For context, D3 Publisher also released a game that Kotaku amusingly compared to Metal Gear, except instead of playing a special forces op who’s killing people, you’re playing a perv who’s taking panty shots.

Anyway. The premise of Omega Labyrinth is that you’re at a beauty school (not, like, a cosmetology school – a school to learn how to be beautiful) that for some fuckin’ reason has a dungeon filled with enemies. By defeating those enemies, players win Omega Points, which increases their Womanly Power, which of course is stored in their breasts. At the end of the dungeon, there’s a Cup of Beauty that will grant the winner one wish, but all of the girls at the beauty school have the same wish, which is GIANT KNOCKERS. In other words, the endgame is to be the bustiest girl of them all! Oh, boy.

Here’s the game’s logo:

omega labyrinth logo

GET IT? Big sigh. This is so over-the-top that I don’t even find it offensive. I really want to play this game.

Omega Labyrinth is set to release for PS Vita in Japan on November 19; no word about an international release.


[Images via Kotaku]

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