There’s A Social App For The Scatalogically Inclined

Here’s some trivia that people in my life know about me: I love talking about poo. I am fascinated with it. Every time my family gets together, we will eventually, inevitably wind up sitting around a table talking about poo. This has partially to do with the fact that my sister has three kids, and partially to do with the fact that we all just have some serious thoughts about poo. My eldest sister got our middle sister a Squatty Potty and a bidet for Christmas last year, and I was jealous. Etcetera.

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I’d also pin this on us being of hearty and unashamed Midwestern stock, but then again, there’s now an app for people who want to chat specifically while they’re on the john. It’s called Pooductive, and it is the answer to all of my socio-scatological disappointments. Because it’s for people who, specifically, are poppin’ a squat, its users are more comfortable than your average bear talking about their poop. (“I’m wiping!” was my intro into a group chat, and then, in Dutch, “Poep is door het gaatje,” “Poo is through the hole.”) I’ve found my people!

Tragically, a Kickstarter for the app failed to raise enough funds, but the app is still available on iTunes. Still: Shame on you, global citizens. I have no idea why people get so squicked out about their feces. After all, everybody poops.

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