Oh Hey! Looks Like Josh Duggar May ALSO Have Had An OKCupid Profile!

So! Remember that time when we all found out that Traditional Marriage Advocate Josh Duggar had an Ashley Madison account and it seemed for a moment that the entire internet burst into little pieces of schadenfreude-y confetti? That sure was a good time! The best time, really.

While we all wait for the inevitable Duggar defense line to pour in (oh god, I can’t wait, it’s gonna be so good), there is actually some more Josh Duggar news already!

Internet sleuths, Twitter users and commenters have pointed out that there is/was an OKCupid profile which used the same name Josh Duggar used for his Ashley Madison email — joesmithsonnwa.

Although the profile has since disappeared as if by magic — which I think we can all agree points to the fact that it was almost definitely his — Gawker got a screencap before it was deleted.

josh duggar okcupid

TRAGICALLY, the screencap doesn’t include the bottom portion of the profile, which stated that he was a Christian working in politics, making $100-150,000 a year and described himself as “strictly monogamous” despite having stated above that he was looking for “casual sex.” HUH.

Another question that doesn’t appear in the screencap was about his taste in TV, where he said he doesn’t watch much–except a few reality programs and classics.

Also interesting is the fact that if you Google image search the guy in the picture used, he comes up, literally, as “random guy.”

If you’re thinking that someone just put this up randomly in order to make people think it was Josh Duggar, allow me to point out that the profile has not been active since September of 2014, and again, was deleted after it’s discovery. Not to mention that given the fact that Duggar was so desperate to cheat on his wife that he paid almost a $1000 to do so, it’s probably pretty likely that he tried to get some for free as well.

Now we just have to wait and see if he pops up on Grindr.