Let Operation Harpoon Make You Feel Terrible About Your Body!

Because it’s really awesome to fat-shame women and it’s extra cool to Photoshop them to look skinny, Operation Harpoon has taken the internet by storm. The “group” — what are they, even? — bills itself as “a collaborative art project open to interpretation,” and hails from the bowels of Reddit’s /r/thinnerbeauty subreddit, which dedicates its time to Photoshopping pictures of larger women to be skinny. What a cool way to spend one’s time!

According to the description on their “official” Facebook page:

No hate speech please.

This is a page dedicated to showing both sides of modern day beauty.

In current societal fashion, a recent trending surge of “pro-obesity” and “fat acceptance” have paved the way for many people to renounce exercise and personal healthcare in general. This page aims to only show that being skinny is okay as well! Skinnyshaming is not okay :)

It’s dumb to even point out how wrong this is, and it would be worse to stir the pot of outrage by posting more pictures from their trash site, so I’ll let you go over there and flood their Facebook with your stabby comments, if you so desire. [h/t Tech Insider]