I Want To Go To There: The Rage Room Lets You Break Shit Without Consequence

Sometimes you can calm down by walking briskly around the block while taking deep, cleansing breaths that expel the bad juju that’s taken root in your very cells. Sometimes a stiff drink, thrown back in a dark bar does the trick. But sometimes there’s nothing as good as the simple satisfaction of breaking some shit. The Rage Room recognizes this universal human truth – and it’s here to help.

If you’re angry and live in Toronto, the Rage Room will let you break some things in a padded safe space. For $20, you get five plates to break in 30 minutes, but if your rage can’t be quelled, you can upgrade and get yourself other stuff to break, like picture frames, wooden chairs and the like.

Picture the quiet joy your cat experiences when he knocks a water glass off the kitchen counter, just to watch it shatter. This is the closest you’ll get to that moment of zen, so get your butt to Toronto, or just watch the video above, which is soothing in and of itself. [h/t Mental Floss]