Chill Pregnant Woman Tootsee Rolls Her Way Through Labor

Chill pregnant woman Yuki Nishizawa was in labor, and her kind and patient husband, Connell Cloyd, did what all women certainly want their husbands to do when it’s baby time: throw the 69 Boyz on the Jambox and film you doing the “Tootsee Roll” while you wait for your water to break.

“She wanted to be famous, so I guess this is how you do it,” chuckles her husband, as Yuki gamely butterflies her way towards the miracle of birth and new life.

She appears to be enjoying herself, and this method looks better than strapping yourself down to a pallet stuffed with hay and biting a leather strap or eating spoonfuls of sriracha, but hey, what do I know?

If the Tootsee Roll isn’t your favorite, please watch and learn from her casual Cupid Shuffle.

Prenatal ritual!

Posted by Connell Cloyd on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

And sure enough, Nishizawa delivered a son, Coji, later that night. Congratulations! [The Boston Globe]