Arizona Schools Decorate Science Books With Anti-Abortion Stickers

Are you the parent of a high school student in Arizona? Well, if you live in the Gilbert Public School District, it looks like your kid is going to be required, for some reason, to place an anti-abortion, pro-abstinence sticker on his or her science book. For reasons.

It’s not clear what the actual purpose of this sticker is. Are they concerned that students will attempt to ask their biology teachers basic questions about human reproduction and contraceptive options? Because that’s a bad thing?

Apparently, although Arizona doesn’t have a specific law either requiring or banning sex-education in schools, schools who do choose to teach it are required by law to “stress abstinence.” As far as anyone knows, there is no law requiring schools to tell students not to have abortions. That’s not really an area that is any of a high school’s business.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this same school district came under fire last year for removing several pages from an AP Biology textbook because although they “stressed abstinence,” they contained information about contraception and abortion.

arizona anti-contraception

The pages were reinstated after being heavily mocked on The Rachel Maddow Show–and it is possible that these stickers were an attempt to do whatever it was that the school district thought that removing them was supposed to do.

Who knows what they will come up with next, should the district be peer-pressured into removing them? Perhaps they will invite all Biology teachers to speak to each girl individually and tell them that if they have an abortion, the state of Arizona will send them right to hell?

[Friendly Atheist]