The U.S. Trans Survey Goes Live Today – Spread The Word!

The U.S. Trans Survey is live today! The survey is the followup to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, which was conducted in 2008-2009, with results released in 2011. The NTDS is the largest and most-cited survey of the transgender community in America.

The U.S. Trans Survey was developed by the National Center for Transgender Equality, and it’s even more comprehensive than the NTDS. It covers topics like interactions with police, sex work, and discrimination, along with topics like homelessness, discrimination at work and school, and harassment that were covered in the last survey.

It’s long – it takes 30-60 minutes to finish (more, from my experience, if your internet connection is so-so). But as Monica Roberts at Transgriot points out, participation from the trans community “is critical to not only painting an accurate statistical profile of our community, data from the 2011 one has been used to advance our trans human rights movement and pass legislation based on it.” The USTS web site also has a map that includes survey-taking events across the country, in case you don’t want to pass those 30-60(+) minutes by yourself.

Anyone who is transgender, cross-dressing, genderqueer, or nonbinary is in the survey’s demographic. Carve out an hour for it, if you’re in the trans community, and spread the word!



Image via NCTE/Facebook
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