Hey Kids, Pull Up A Chair And Let Us Tell You The Story Of Burning Man

If you’ve got a kid or two, surely the thought of taking them to Burning Man has crossed your mind. It has, hasn’t it? What better place for children than a desert wonderland full of adults getting in touch with their inner children? Thank your lucky stars, there’s a book for that.

Peter Armenia married his wife Gretchen at Burning Man in 2010, and he loves the yearly festival, so hopefully his daughter Veronica will too. For her and other kids’ first experience on the playa, Armenia made a children’s book called Burning Man – The World’s Biggest Playground. Hopefully it will lay bare why Donald Duck-ing adults roam around the desert in packs, wearing onesies, glitter, goggles, running shoes and a smile.

If you want to help Armenia in his quest to make children playa-ready, feel free to throw some scratch at his Kickstarter. [h/t The Cut]