Fox Hosts Says Feminists Need To Make Their Husbands Sandwiches

Rachel Campos-Duffy, the Fox News host better known to me as “the one I didn’t like on the one season of ‘The Real World’ I ever watched,” has some advice for feminists who would like to hold on to their mens! MAKE THEM SANDWICHES.

Citing a recent study that says that, by a slight margin, Republicans report being happier in their marriages than liberals, Campos-Duffy realized that it is now her obligation to tell liberals how to do marriage. Her secret? Being super religious!

“I think more Republicans tend to be religious people. And I know for myself — and I know in the Greek Orthodox Church it’s the same idea of sanctification, that marriage is a sacrament, it’s a holy thing. And my job being married is to get my husband and my kids to heaven with me. And I think that changes the whole perspective.”

I’m not here to judge. Whatever works for you, Rachel! I mean, my parents have been together for 200 some odd years now, both are liberal, my mom is a humanist who is definitely not concerned about us all hanging out in heaven together, and my dad goes to a church that was excommunicated from the Catholic Church for allowing gay marriage and women on the pulpit — so I am pretty sure that the Rachel Campos-Duffy method isn’t the only route one must take to make marriage work.

Personally, I would put my money on the results of this study being tainted by the fact that it’s kind of a Conservative “thing” to pretend things are super great even when they are not. I’d assume they’d be less likely to say they were not thrilled with their marital situation than those on the left would be. Sort of like how they think the best way to deal with racism is to pretend they don’t “see” color.

Anyway, after Campos-Duffy’s rant, co-host Andrea Tantaros quickly chimed in to say that mean feminist bloggers practically crucified her for saying that the key to a happy marriage was making their husbands a damn sandwich.

Campos-Duffy concurred, stating, “And it shows they are more likely to get divorced because they won’t make that sandwich … Make the sandwich, darn it.”

The weird thing here is the assumption that feminists never make sandwiches for other people. The issue isn’t, as Tantaros and Campos-Duffy imply, refusing to do anything nice for your partner. It’s with the “Woman! Make me a damn sandwich!” type of bullshit that inherently makes us cringe. There’s a huge difference there.

Like, I genuinely enjoy cooking for people. Not just dudes I’m dating, but people in general, because it’s a thing I can do, and trust, I make better shit than just “sandwiches.” But let me tell you, if anyone I was dating demanded I make them anything, they could go screw. Because that is not a “kindness” — that is being a douchebag, and I don’t put up with that. No one is ever going to bellowing “Hey! Where’s the olive oil?” at me when they know exactly where the damn olive oil is, expecting me to go fetch it either. Not happening.

The whole “sandwich” thing is not about just “doing a nice thing.” It’s about not putting up with some man baby who is going to yell at you to make him one while he sits back in an undershirt looking like Stanley Kowalski. For me, and I would probably guess a majority of women, that is not what a happy marriage looks like.

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