Ashley Madison Hackers Released All Their Stolen Data, Our Long National Nightmare Has Begun

The data from the giant Ashley Madison hack has finally shown up on the dark web, which is bad news for about 32 million people, who now have their usernames, emails, addresses and payment transaction info floating around somewhere. An easily-searchable database hasn’t been made available to the public just yet, but give it about a day or so, and I bet we’ll get one! Some people have already started poking around and are finding a lot of … stuff.  Think about this day when you’re floating in your pod, telling your grandkids about the old-fashioned notion of privacy. [Wired]

Well, this is a relief. Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter Chelsea, reported missing as of yesterday, has been found. We don’t know much else about this, so we’ll take Rosie’s tweet as fact for the moment until more is revealed.

Yes! Great! Wonderful! Jennifer Hudson is in talks to star in an untitled biopic of Aretha Franklin. This makes sense. Jennifer Hudson has no chill. Aretha Franklin was the woman that invented having no chill in a performance setting. Jennifer Hudson can sing. Aretha Franklin can sing. Everything about this feels right. [DListed]

Because human beings have no decency whatsoever, the Nicki Minaj wax statue that they unveiled at Madame Tussaud’s last week is causing a lot of normal adult men who probably have jobs and families and lives like normal to act like total fucking idiots. Azealia Banks, of all people, called this. Please see below. [Buzzfeed]

They still at it 😕😕😕 #NickiMinaj #NickiMinajWaxFigure

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The post-baby body frenzy is bullshit, as per Kerry Washington, who told Self magazine, “My body is the site of a miracle now. I don’t want to be pre-miracle.” Also, she looks incredible, regardless of how she wants to refer to her body, so go you, Kerry. [SELF]

The entire goddamn universe has got to stop losing their shit over whether or not we’ve seen Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dress or not. Leave her alone! Let her enjoy Justin Theroux’s shitty tattoos in peace. [TMZ]

I feel like all weddings should feature professional dancers doing what it is that they do in fancy outfits. Thankfully this groom, professional dancer Kirk Henning, felt the same, and danced for roughly seven minutes with a passel of groomsmen for his grateful bride. This makes me almost tear up, but maybe that’s because it’s early. [Us Weekly]