The Duggars Want A New Show Where They Counsel Sex Abuse Victims

Surprise, surprise–the Duggars are pitching a new show! Why? Because they decided to have 19 kids, 11 of whom are under the age of 18, and probably can’t support them otherwise. Plus, as they have previously insisted, it is part of god’s plan for them to have a TV show.

Their new idea? I shit you not, Jim Bob and Michelle DuGgar want to counsel sex abuse victims. You know, like their own kids, who were sexually abused by another one of their kids. Which they, of course, covered up.

The show would be a followup to an upcoming TLC documentary special about child abuse titled “Breaking the Silence,” which will feature Jill and Jessa Duggar talking about their own childhood abuse at the hands of their brother Josh.

How would this even go? What sort of counseling would they provide? Would they tell them to just forget about it so long as their abuser had asked for God’s forgiveness? Because that is literally the way they handled things in their own family, and I am pretty sure that technique is not recommended by any actual mental health professionals.

Hopefully, TLC will not bite, because I literally cannot think of any possible television programming that would be more irresponsible and crass than this. These people have absolutely no business “counseling” sexual abuse victims whatsoever — and the fact that they would even consider this an appropriate thing to do is indicative of some kind of psychopathology that they ought to consider getting counseling for themselves.

[h/t Patheos]