Morning Cake Thoughts To Improve Your Tuesday

Cake seems to be on the internet’s brain this morning, and it’s a subject of which I’m particularly fond, so why don’t we all chill out and kumbaya over some cake news on this fine Tuesday AM?

First up is the video above of a machine called a Unifiller, which makes those cakes you buy in some chain stores (think Costco – I know stores like Jewel still have people make their cakes). I thought I would be horrified by this, because I used to be a cake decorator and it amounts to me watching a robot take my jerrrrb. But at the end of the day I’m still watching a video about cake. That’s all that matters. It is mesmerizing, of course.

Second is this bad-ass cake in the shape of the head of one of the Titans from the manga-turned-live-action-film “Attack on Titan,” presented to the live action cast for a press event. That, my friends, is a cake no machine could make. Actor Satomi Ishihara cut the cake the only way a Titan cake should be cut: With a katana.

attack on titan cake

Third and last, if you didn’t spend three years decorating cakes professionally, you may want to know how to make your friends a bomb-ass cake that requires little cake-decorating skill. Rookie’s got your back with a tutorial that turns up a cake too cute for even my neurotic cake-critic brain to handle. The rainbow! The marshmallow clouds! The dinosaurs! I love it.

rookie cake

And that’s it! Tell me your day isn’t better already. Thus is the magical power of cake.

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