Women Who Ride Are Taking Back Motorcycle Culture Through Instagram

Good news in the motorcycle world: Women bikers are taking the reins on their culture and creating clubs for themselves. This sounds like the coolest hobby ever, by the way. Check out their dope rides:

Had so much fun camping with everyone this weekend! 🌲❤️

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These babes Rollin’ around the city last night, @skyelarcade, @mattecole @paitynann @brook and @molllsmo

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All of those pictures are from The Litas, which is more of a women bikers’ social group than a club, per se. Apparently the name doesn’t mean anything – I was so, so hoping it was a reference to Lita Ford.

A lot of the women who are starting to band together are able to find each other through Instagram, where they’ve suddenly become visible to one another in a culture that has traditionally put women literally in back. The hashtag #womenwhoride is full of pictures of women on their bikes and on trips they take together. Squad goals, am I right?

Litas founder Lana MacNaughton puts it this way: “For us it’s about, for us – being on the front of the bike rather than being on the back of the bike, and establishing ourselves as strong women instead of in the background.” Badass. Maybe soon we’ll get a lady version of “Sons of Anarchy” for those of us who like to live the road vicariously.

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Image via The Litas/Instagram