Couderc: Lesbians And “Voluptuous” Women Shouldn’t Wear Herve Leger Dresses

Patrick Couderc, who runs the fashion house Herve Leger in the UK, told the Daily Mail this weekend that “voluptuous” women, women with “very prominent hips and a very flat chest,” and for some reason, lesbians, shouldn’t wear the signature Leger bandage dress.

On the topic of lesbians, Couderc said, “If you’re a committed lesbian and you are wearing trousers all your life, you won’t want to buy a Leger dress… Lesbians would want to be rather butch and leisurely.” Yes, because it’s just lesbians who spend most of their days in pants these days, not almost all female-identifying persons, because pants are just great. Also, what? All lesbians are the same? I had no idea.

This is hardly the first time a fashion house has made bad choices in their stances about women’s bodies this year – Lily Pulitzer comes to mind – and I’m sure it won’t be the last. My thing is, why would Couderc even care who wears Leger dresses or not? If someone were paying upwards of $1500 to wear something I’d designed, I’d tell them to have at it, personally.



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