Man Brings Boa Constrictor Into Restaurant, Claims It Is His ‘Service Animal’

Some diners freaked when a Missouri man walked into a restaurant with a boa constrictor snake around his neck.

Per the ADA, the only service animals allowed are actually dogs, but this dude didn’t think that was the case, claiming that his boa “helps with my depression.”

One of the restaurant patrons, Lisa Loeffelholz, made a complaint to the manager, but the manager allowed the snake man and his gf to stay in the restaurant with the snake, agreeing with his service animal claim. Welp.

Loeffelholz could have called the police, but instead she just left the damn restaurant.

I personally would not have minded having a boa in my midst, and hey if it help constrict his depression (I am so sorry again) I say let the man have his snake.