Scientists Want To Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Organs Into Us

New experiments in “Xenotransplantation” involve keeping organs from animals alive inside of other animals.

In the most recent case, scientists managed to keep a genetically modified pig heart alive inside a baboon for 945 days before it gave out. In addition, transplant experts at the University of Pittsburg say they kept a baboon alive with a kidney swap from a pig from for over four months, which set a record.

Doctors routinely use pig skin in human skin grafts, but this is next level stuff I’m sure we can all agree.

When it comes to organs, it is far more difficult because of the immune rejection response that our bodies make when being faced with a foreign entity. I know I’ve rejected some foreign entities from my body before – dating is hard! Har har. Ahem.

It will probably still be a while before these gen-mod pig parts are able to live inside of us, and by then we’ll probably be half-cyborg or filled with 3D printed parts anyway.