Want A Manservant? There’s An App For That!

Leave it to a couple of smart women to figure out a great way to make their fantasies come true and start a business at the same time — they launched an app to connect sexy men with women in need of a little extra pampering and a desire to be treated “like queens.” According to CEO Josephine Wai Lin – who spearheaded the service, called ManServants, with her friend Dalal Khajah – the idea “started as a joke and it became way too real.” After a failed attempt at securing a “hot male assistant” from Craigslist and a bad experience with a stripping agency, the pair decided to quit their jobs and make that dream a reality, not just for themselves but any woman looking to be connected with the man servant of her dreams. Per their website, here is a quick definition of a what a man servant actually is:

It’s not a stripper who gets naked and rubs his greasy body all over you. It’s a ManServant: a gentleman who treats you like a queen. Book one for a bachelorette party or any gathering to be your personal photographer, bartender, bodyguard, and butler all in one.

In a promotional video launched with the app, a group of cheerful ladies welcome a male stripper to their party, only to be disappointed by his crotch-in-the-face approach to entertainment.

“I don’t feel pretty,” the young lady receiving the lapdance complains.

No fear, my dear, your ManServant is here.

In the next scene, the same young woman is seated comfortably adorned in sun hat with two bottle-popping beaus suited up and ready to serve her every need.

For $125 an hour, here are some of the listed services a man servant can provide:

  • At a sporting event he can be your sports announcer, hold your place on restroom lines or get you goodies from the concession stand.
  • Having a girls night out and need a bodyguard or a drink fetcher? Your manservant can do that.
  • He can be your host or waiter for a party who is easy on the eyes.
  • A man servant also won’t hesitate to be your personal assistant at work, cabana boy at a pool party, your master chief or grape feeder while you soak in a bath.
  • Oh, and “a ManServant will answer to the name you’ve bestowed upon him, whether it’s Garçon, Bartholomew, or Ryan Gosling.”

The only thing a man servant won’t do is YOU. ManServants must “keep their penis, and hands, to themselves,” so if you want someone to service your orgasm, look elsewhere. Hell, bring your ManServant with you — he can hold your coat and hail a cab.

I couldn’t help but scroll down to the comments section of the promotional video to get an idea of how people are reacting to the ManServant business endeavor — and it should come as no surprise that tons of dudes are butthurt by the mere premise of the company. The biggest criticism: terrible modern/western feminism is once again encroaching on the rights of male equality. After all, would society be OK with an app called “WomanServant”?!

Even the company’s CEO recognizes that the name “ManServant” could be a bit off-putting. Wai Lin says the main criticism she receives if from people who hear the name of the service and assume it’s just a way for women to boss guys around.

However, a simple dictionary inquiry of the word “manservant” defines it as simply a man who is a servant, with synonyms like valet, steward, butler and houseman. In short, the name of the app is wholly appropriate, as the men in question are being paid to provide a service.

Not to mention, the purpose is for women to have other options for being in the company of sexy men, besides going to strip clubs. Any outcry over women paying for non-sexual services from men is pretty silly, considering the fact that there is an entire adult entertainment industry where both men and women pay just to gawk at the opposite sex.

But enough talk about dudes. Let’s, instead, talk about all of the wonderful things a manservant can possibly be hired to do. Would you hire a man servant? What kind of services would you want him to provide? I’m still trying to get over the whole “must keep his hands to himself” bit, because I’d love to have a manservant give me a manicure/pedicure while telling me how wonderful I am, while another serves me chocolate covered strawberries and diced mangos … but I’m sure I could come up with a few other ideas that allow me to look, but not, sigh, touch.


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