The Duggars Will Be Back On TLC For Child Abuse Special

The Duggars are going to be back on TLC! Oh, joy! Thankfully, this time, it doesn’t sound like molester Josh and enabler Jim Bob are going to be featured much or at all – rather, Josh’s victims, his sisters Jill and Jessa, will be part of a special on child abuse survivors called “Breaking the Silence.” For the special, the two women will be taking part in a training session conducted by anti-abuse organization Darkness to Light.

Despite the fact that TLC partnered with Darkness to Light and RAINN, and despite the fact that TLC won’t be airing commercials during the special, does seem to anyone else like a cynical ploy to let TLC tidy up their end of the Duggar scandal and wash their hands of it? The network did, after all, pay the family $25,000-45,000 an episode (reportedly) and lend them the legitimacy to make even more money on speaking engagements, adding up to millions over the course of 227 episodes of “19 Kids and Counting.” That payment was an implicit endorsement of the Duggars, who sold their whole reputation on their moral authority while simultaneously sweeping under the rug the fact that one of their children repeatedly molested girls who were as young as five years old and faced no real-world consequences for it.

And it doesn’t look good for TLC, especially when they, too, forked $50,000 an episode over to “Mama June” Shannon of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” as she continued to date a man who molested her daughters. Those daughters, by the way, are not part of the special.

And then there’s the lingering, extremely uncomfortable, unanswered question: Will the Duggars be paid to take part in “Breaking the Silence”? And if so, which Duggars – Jessa and Jill, or Jim Bob and Michelle?

The special will air at 10 p.m. EST on August 30, so watch it then – or, maybe, don’t.

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