Pecan Pie M&Ms Exist: 10 Suggestions For Further M&M Fall Flavor Appropriation

I think M&Ms are out to appropriate every single fall flavor. Some Walmart stores are, at this moment, selling pecan pie-flavored M&Ms. Yes, pecan pie-flavored. It’s still chocolate! It will have none of the gooey goodness of actual pecan pie, and as far as we know there are no pecans in the pecan pie-flavored M&Ms. But it’s kind of like how there was no actual cinnamon in the pumpkin spice M&Ms – it doesn’t matter, so long as you douse milk chocolate in artificial flavoring. Mmmmmmmm.

As long as we’re traveling down this road, though, I have some more fall-type flavors for M&Ms to consider making:

  • Cranberry Sauce M&Ms
  • Mashed Potatoes With A Sort Of Gluey Consistency M&Ms
  • Second Try At Mashed Potatoes, Now They’re Too Runny M&Ms
  • Fuck It, Let’s Just Make Box Potatoes M&Ms
  • Sweet Potato M&Ms with Curious Marshmallow Center
  • Salad Nobody Eats M&Ms
  • Green Bean Casserole M&Ms
  • Dry, Overcooked Turkey M&Ms
  • Do You Think The Store Is Still Open? Would They Have Any Ham Left? M&Ms
  • They Only Had Fish M&Ms

Mars, Inc.: Let me know if these are enticing you. If we start crackin’ at it, we can have a whole Thanksgiving meal consisting only of M&Ms.


[Junk Food Guy]

[Image via People]

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