I Want To Go To There: Liz West’s Rainbow Room

Artist Liz West has created a room lit by 250 differently-colored fluorescent lights and mirrored so that it looks like it goes on infinitely the celebrate the UNESCO Year of Light at England’s National Media Museum. The artwork creates white light through the combination of color – colored light being defracted from white light – and so sort of reverse-engineers light as we normally see it.

Which is cool! But beyond that, the room just looks like it’d be engrossing and sort of meditative to stand in for a while. I can just imagine all the things I wouldn’t be thinking about in that room. Like Donald Trump, say. Or my shit-ass computer. Or the fact that scientists have figured out that the universe is dying.

Anyway. “An Additive Mix” will be on display through November. If you can go, you should! God knows we all need meditative moments away from all the bullshit.


Image via Liz West

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