Tinder’s Public Meltdown Gets The Taiwanese Animated News Treatment It Deserves

My spiritual play cousins over at New Media Animation, the Taiwanese company responsible for nuanced takes on hot-button news topics, has addressed the Vanity Fair vs. Tinder kerfuffle with all the subtlety you’ve come to expect.

I’m not entirely clear on the second half of this opus, but I trust their judgement implicitly. In case you’re not familiar with their work, here are their unique takes on three other news issues of note.

This is actually what the debates looked like, to be fair:

I do not approve of the Nicki Minaj avatar used herein, but will accept the Taylor Swift:

Watching a news organization with a sense of humor so delightfully absurd process the rich drama of the Gawker editor exodus is a privilege that I now choose to share with you: