Three More Women Have Accused Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

Three more women have accused Bill Cosby of rape and assault, joining the three dozen other accusers who recently and movingly graced the cover of New York magazine. (Trigger warning on the video above.)

The three women are Eden Tirl, an actress who appeared on “The Cosby Show,” 1970s actress Linda Ridgeway, and a former American Airlines flight attendant, Colleen Hughes.

Despite the release of sworn deposition from the man himself, in which Cosby admitted to weakening women’s resolve against his sexual advances with drugs (read: “drugging and raping women”), he has repeatedly and continuously denied any kind of wrongdoing. He is, however, scheduled to be deposed in October in a lawsuit filed against him by Judith Huth, who Cosby allegedly assaulted in 1974, and he is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police for another alleged assault in 2008.

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