Let’s Break Down “#Cuckservative,” The New Right-Wing Slur

Conservative Twitter has come up with a new slur for, well, most of the GOP candidates: “Cuckservative.”

In the last week, the term has been trending as a hashtag for complaints about GOP candidates who are viewed to have put special interests – donors or diversity or being moderate – ahead of far-right principles. It’s a combination of “cuckold” (a man who’s been unwittingly cheated on by his wife) and “conservative,” and it implies that the candidates have been cuckolded by those interests.

The New York Times has broken down why the term might be racist at its core: Many of the Twitter users who are tweeting “#cuckservative” believe that a candidate like Jeb Bush is too soft on immigration, or that candidates who support removing the confederate flag from public buildings are betraying their constituents inasmuch as they’re being betrayed by social justice politics. Donald Trump, who has bloviated widely about how horrible Mexico and Mexican immigrants are, has largely escaped criticism – not because of his values, but because he “tells it like it is” or whatever.

Let’s break down the logic of “cuckservative.” The idea of a cuckold is that the man has lost sight of his own values and self-respect, and that’s demonstrated by the fact that his wife is cheating on him. In the case of “cuckservative,” then, the GOP candidates are the man, the wife is moderate politics or donors, and the values, the conscience, are far-right voters. So, the argument goes that far-right voters should act as the GOP candidates’ consciences.

Never mind the fact that all of these candidates are coming to their campaigns with their own sets of academic, professional, and political experiences. Never mind the fact that many of them are experts – Carson is a tremendously well-respected surgeon with honorary doctorates out the wazoo, Kasich knows budgeting like the back of his hands, and Rubio, at 44, has been working in politics in some way or another for 19 years. Never mind that, hell, they’re just individual people with their own sets of values and mores, with experiences that guide their personal senses of ethics.

Nope! No, never mind all that – it’s the opinions of far-right voters that should shape these candidates’ beliefs and morals and policy stances, like some sort of red-faced, hate-filled Jiminy Cricket.

And in that case, it’s no wonder that red-faced, hate-filled Donald Trump has dodged criticism. The Twitter users who believe that “cuckservatives” are a thing aren’t even demanding a specific campaign platform, they’re demanding that the GOP candidates think and feel the same ways they do, which beyond being incredibly narcissistic is actually really frightening, because it means that they want an America in which there is only one valid way to think.

Well, no thank you, sir and madam. I respect the GOP candidates’ autonomy. They all have the right to their own life experiences, and their own opinions that are formed by those experiences. I find it extremely scary whenever a vocal group of people contends, in effect, that only one kind of person is the “right” kind of person, and only one belief set is the “right” belief set. If “cuckservative” hashtaggers think that the GOP candidates have no sense of values or ethics because they aren’t toeing the far-right political line, I can’t even imagine what they think of leftists like me.

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