Chill Out With Pretty Colors, It’s Gonna Be All Right

Have you had a stressful day? Did someone say some bullshit to you? Are you late on your electric bill? Is your sister up your ass about buying the right shoes for her wedding? Did your dog take a crap on your carpet? Did your roommate and his weekend guest drink all of your good vodka and flavored San Pellegrino and leave you with nothing but Everclear and La Croix while you were working an extra shift?

Fear not. We’ve got your back.

As you go forward in your day, undoubtedly trying to make something occur in a highball glass with Everclear and La Croix, hoping that by some sorcery this will get you drunk and taste good, watch this video of paint mixing with oil, milk, and honey under a macro lens. Watch it bead up and swirl. Let the colors bring you to a happier place. Listen to the soothing music. Feel the bullshit sloughing off. It’s all good, you can just borrow that motherfucker’s Tom Ford sunglasses the next time you go on a beach weekend and “forget” to ask him first. The universe always equals out. Relax, everything’s gonna be OK.

[h/t Colossal]

[Video via Thomas Blanchard]

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