BiC Continues To Be Weirdly Sexist For A Pen Company

What is up with BiC? Yeah,  you know, BiC, the company that’s weirdly sexist for having the task of making lighters, pens, and razors.

You may remember when they were selling “BiC For Her” pens, because woman-hands are too [enter something pejorative about femininity here] to be able to handle the might, heft, and strength of regular office pens. Now their South African division has had to backpedal on an ad they put out for Women’s Day in South Africa that read, “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss. #HappyWomensDay.” Which is so hilarious I think it must have been intended as a joke, because at no point in that copy prior to the acknowledgement of Women’s Day did they actually suggest that women could just be women.

Important question, BiC: If I have a vagina, but I don’t want to look like a girl, boy, man, or woman; if I mostly aim to act like a “decent human being” and not necessarily live up to the strict and kind of sexist standards of etiquette people tend to associate with the word “lady”; if I believe that “thinking like a man” is a false premise because all men (and women and people) think differently; and if I’m technically no one’s boss, but I work hard anyway – am I still in your demographic? Would you like me to buy your pens, or nah? If not, it’s cool – to be honest, I’m already almost exclusively using Uchida Le Pens anyway.

#HappyWomensDay, I guess!


Image via Twitter

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