Apparently This Is Gay-Bashing Week

What a great week to be gay. One the one hand, you have a Swiss bishop delivering a sermon to his congregation centering around the apparent truth Leviticus 20:13, in which the Levites said that men who “lie with” men should be stoned and killed, and going on to expound upon his views about gender theory and divorce, while he was at it. A veritable cornucopia of gender-related backwardness, this sermon.

Once that Swiss bishop had two criminal complaints filed against him by an individual and by a Swiss gay rights group, he did what anyone would do – blame the speechwriters. He says his colleagues were on summer vacation and “would have drawn my attention to the danger” of offending congregants by claiming that they ought to be killed. Because that’s not obvious to him.

And on the other hand, you have the Ku Klux Klan distributing flyers in Louisiana that encourage violence against gays. One reads: “Stop Aids: Support Gay Bashing. Homosexual men and their sexual acts are disgusting and inhuman.” Oh, gosh, Klan, what are you arguing here, exactly? Are you concerned about AIDS or are you concerned about your personal pearl-clutching over gay sex? Fuckin’ hooded weirdos.

Remember that minister, Kevin Shrum, who just two weeks ago was telling the LGBT community that we’re “unafraid to come out”? I invite him, the Klan, and this bishop to all put their fucking mouths shut. God help them if they wind up on the wrong side of an encounter with some gay West Point cadets.

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