This Transgender Teddy Bear Storybook Is Too Cute For Words

Jessica Walton, an Australian school teacher, had her first baby with her partner last year. They wanted to supply their child with books that reflected their family, and were able to find plenty of books that featured children with gay parents – but what they couldn’t find was a book that represented Walton’s dad, who told her daughter she had always been a woman not long before Walton’s baby was born.

Enter Tilly the teddy bear. Walton has written a book about a boy named Errol and his teddy bear, Thomas, who Errol notices one day is sad. When Errol asks why, the teddy tells Errol that she’s a girl teddy, not a boy teddy, and she’d like to be named Tilly.

errol and tilly 1

Errol’s reaction? Relief – because he thought something was wrong, and there’s nothing wrong with Tilly wanting Errol to understand her as a girl teddy. Errol tells Tilly, “I’ll always be your friend!”

errol and tilly 2

As Walton writes on the book’s Kickstarter page, “I had Teddy’s friends respond with love, care and respect. In no way does the friendship between them change when Teddy transitions, except perhaps that their friendship is strengthened by the experience.”

The Kickstarter for the book, Introducing Teddy, has raised almost all of its $10,500 AUD goal – in US dollars, it has only about $900 to go. Backers will receive copies of the book by the end of the year.

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Images via Kickstarter.

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