This Post-Apocalyptic “Little Women” TV Show Sounds … Interesting

The CW is in talks to produce a “gritty,” “post-apocalyptic” version of that old chestnut, “Little Women,” which was news that caused lots and lots of people everywhere to reach for the smelling salts. Now we have some more information on what, precisely, this “gritty” version of  a childhood classic could look like, via Alyssa Rosenberg’s report from TCA.

First of all, this isn’t exactly a remake. According to Thom Sherman of the CW, it’s just a pitch. Nothing is set in stone. It’s just a crazy idea, floating in a sea of other crazy ideas, that seems crazy enough to actually, maybe, possibly work.

“The jumping-off point for the characters are the iconic characters from the book, in archetype, with the names and everything else,” Sherman explained of the pitch. “And you’ll see that they, in terms of their personalities, occupy the same space they occupied in the book. One of the characters is ill, which we come to learn in the pilot — she’s not going to die in the pilot, though. She will live. But that becomes part of the storyline for the series.”

According to Sherman, Father will also be more of a presence, and Marmee’s involvement is still unknown. The sisters March, however, will not be together from the beginning.

“The show itself, we liken itself to ‘Gangs of New York,’ ” Sherman suggested. “There are these factions that are running this city. And in each faction are characters from the book that archetypically occupy those spaces in the book. You’ll recognize the names. The names will be similar, and you’ll go, ‘Oh, that’s Laurie.’ They decide to form their own clan to take back their own power and take back power in the city. They sort of become avenging angels, I think.”

So, it’s basically “Divergent” with a dash of “Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” sprinkled with a hint of nostalgia and a soupcon of steampunk. Could it work? Maybe. Crazier things have! That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be good.

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